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Jan. 1, 2003

Generic Software / WorksRight Software Merger

WorksRight Software, Inc., the number one vendor of iSeries and AS/400 ZIP Code and area code software and data, and Generic Software, Inc., producer of the popular Save Output Queue (SOQ) spool file utility, announced the merging of the two firms effective January 1, 2003.

Leon F. Stewart, President of WorksRight Software, Inc. said "We are extremely pleased with the merger because it is one of those rare cases where everyone wins.  The two firms have no competing products, and share many of the same customers.  Our customers win because we will double our support staff and have more resources for support.  The management and employees win because we will be able to have bigger and better facilities and more training opportunities."

Lynn Outlaw, President of Generic Software, Inc. believes that the merger will provide customers with better service and support.  "We believe that we are already providing superior support to our customers.  But, with a larger support staff and the cross training of personnel, support will be faster and better than ever."

Each of the firms currently has about 1,400 active iSeries and AS/400 customers.  The combined firms will likely be providing services to about 2,500 AS/400 and iSeries sites.

WorksRight provides ZIP Code and area code data and software services.  Since it's founding in 1992, WorksRight has steadily grown to become the leading provider of ZIP Code software in this market.

Generic Software was founded in 1990 with Save Output Queue (SOQ) as it's primary product.  SOQ is an application for archiving AS/400 (iSeries) reports to offline storage for future retrieval and printing.  In addition to SOQ, Generic Software also markets several other AS/400 (iSeries) utilities such as MAIL MANager, REPRINT, Schedule Master, Screen Manager II, and The Spelling Assistant.

The merged firm will operate under the WorksRight Software, Inc. name.  The merged firm will be moving in the near future to 501 Cobblestone Court in Madison, MS  39110.  All existing phone and fax numbers will continue to function the same as before the merger.


Contact Information:

For information concerning this press release, contact Leon F. Stewart or Lynn Outlaw at 601-856-8337 or software@worksright.com.

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