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Oct. 28, 2002

Reprint for the AS/400 (iSeries)

Generic Software, Inc. is proud to announce the availability of an exciting new product, Reprint for the AS/400 (iSeries). 

Reprint is an automatic, real-time, on-line archival solution for AS/400 (iSeries) spooled files.  In simpler terms, Reprint is a print recycle bin for the AS/400 (iSeries).  Reprint instantly archives spooled files as they arrive in output queues.   Each user can later view and/or reprint their own reports by simply selecting them from a list.  No system operator assistance is required.

Reprint fully adheres to OS/400 security by restricting access to spooled file archives and preventing unauthorized access to potentially sensitive data.  Access to spooled file archives is limited to the original spooled file owner and specially identified Reprint System Administrators. 

With extensive reporting capabilities, Reprint keeps users completely informed of all its activities.  Information is provided indicating which spooled files have been archived, the amount of disk space used by spooled file archives, which spooled file archives have been reprinted, and which users are reprinting spooled files from the archives.

Once setup is complete, Reprint is practically maintenance free.  Expired archives and reprint history can be automatically purged each day.  Automatically purging expired archives and history keeps Reprint 's disk space usage to a minimum.

Reprint sells for $695.00.  This price includes the software, complete documentation, and one year of maintenance. 

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For more information see our REPRINT page.  You may contact us with specific questions using any of the methods outlined on our Contacts page.

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