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About Us

Who Is Generic Software, Inc.?

Generic Software, Inc. is a software development and marketing company focusing on the IBM midrange family of computers (primarily the AS/400 & iSeries).  We also still offer some solutions for the IBM System/36.  We currently offer over twenty solutions for the AS/400, iSeries and System/36 platforms.  For a complete list of solutions available, see our on-line Catalog.

It has always been our goal to have our products recognized as the high-quality, low-cost solutions to your IBM midrange software needs.  To this end, we are careful to ensure that every solution we offer has at least three characteristics in common: Quality; Ease-of-use, and Affordability.

Quality is our top priority.  To reflect our faith in the quality of our solutions, all products are available on a 30-Day FREE Trial basis.  If any product that you receive from us does not meet your expectations, simply cancel the product invoice during the trial period.  It's that easy.

Ease-of-use is our second priority.  We do understand, however, that by nature, some applications will be more difficult to use than others.  To show our commitment to ease-of-use, we provide unlimited phone, fax, and e-mail support for all products.  If you have any questions that are not readily answered in the manuals provided, just ask us.  It's that easy.

Affordability is also on our list of priorities.  We make every effort to ensure that the quality and ease-of-use of our products far outweigh their selling price.  This usually results in a great product at a price that our competitors can't touch.
Don't be fooled by our prices!  Remember, Quality is our Number One priority.


Our Mission Statement

We will be recognized as THE High-Quality , Cost-Effective software solution provider for the IBM midrange family of computers.


Our History

Generic Software, Inc. was established as a software development company in 1987.  The company incorporated in February of 1990.  From 1987 until 1992, all solutions developed by Generic Software, Inc. were marketed exclusively by Britz Publishing, Inc.

In June of 1992, Generic Software, Inc. began marketing its own products.  At this time we also began cultivating exclusive and nonexclusive marketing agreements with other developers of quality software.  This accounts for our wide variety of software solutions.  Since this time, we have striven to maintain a balanced focus on both the development and marketing aspects of our business.

Our software development efforts have resulted in the creation and ongoing maintenance of seven solutions.  These solutions include Desk*Top, MAIL MANager, REPRINT, Save Output Queue, Schedule Master, Screen Manager II, and The Spelling Assistant.

Over the years our marketing efforts have also been extensive.  These efforts have included a printed software catalog, numerous direct mail (brochure) campaigns, numerous direct fax campaigns, newsletter sponsorships (fax and e-mail), our own web site, magazine display ads, magazine classified ads, and response decks.  We even created and published our own response deck for two and a half years.

Our commitment to the IBM Midrange market and our willingness to embrace new technologies (i.e. the Internet, e-mail, etc.) is the simple explanation for our company's longevity and stability.  We will continue in this tradition and we will be here to serve you for years to come.

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