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1099 Magnetic Media

1099 Magnetic Media Reporting

Fast Facts

Latest Release:  2001 Version

Last Update:      Nov 2001

Price:                   $495.00

Source Code:     Available


1099 Magnetic Media instantly gives any company the ability to report 1099's to the government magnetically, on tape or diskette. 1099 Magnetic Media is flexible, accepting data from two different sources. Your data may be entered using our data entry screens or imported using our advanced import program generator.

1099 Magnetic Media's import program generator will automatically create an RPG program to copy your data into our entry files. All that is required of the user is that he/she answer a few simple prompts. Once your data is imported, you may make revisions or add new data using our data entry screens. No programming or complex spool file conversions are required (unlike our competitors).


  • Multi-company capability.
  • Interactive, edited data entry.
  • Help screens.
  • Verification reports.
  • Generation of transmittal forms.
  • Output to diskette or tape.
  • Run stand-alone or import your data.
  • No programming required.
  • Government approved.
  • Source code available.

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