AS/400 & iSeries Solutions (Native)


Desktop Services For The AS/400

Fast Facts

Latest Release:  2.00

Last Update:      Nov 1999

Price:                   $199.00

Source Code:     Included


Desk*Top is an easy-to-use system designed to assist users in performing day-to-day office activities. Whether it's tracking appointments, broadcasting messages, or crunching numbers, Desk*Top can make it easier, faster, and more

  • A personal calendar for each user. Users may enter up to 999 lines of notes or appointments on any given day. Desk*Top assists users while entering notes and appointments by always displaying a calendar for the months being worked with.
  • Appointment and note notification. Desk*Top will optionally notify users of appointments and notes for the current day by issuing a notification message to a user-specified message queue. This feature is activated by calling an API that is provided with Desk*Top. By utilizing the API, this feature can be easily automated.
  • An on-line, full-function calculator. This feature temporarily turns any AS/400 workstation into an easy-to-use adding machine. The Desk*Top calculator provides a rolling tape that allows users to review functions already performed.
  • A personal directory for each user. This feature allows each user to maintain his/her own list of names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Personal directory information may be accessed for printing a personal directory listing, personal directory Rolodex cards, and personal directory labels.
  • An installment loan analysis. Desk*Top's installment loan analysis provides complete, quick, and reliable information for any loan. When given a loan amount, an interest rate, and a number of months to finance, this feature will calculate loan repayment information for any loan.
  • An easy-to-use message sending utility. This feature allows users to easily send short informational and inquiry messages to other Desk*Top users.
  • Personalized menus. When Desk*Top is accessed, each user sees his/her own personalized menu.

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