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Fast Facts

Latest Release:  2.50

Last Update:      Oct 1999

Price:                   $499.00

Source Code:     Available


MAIL MANager is a user-friendly, feature-rich, AND affordable E-MAIL system for the IBM AS/400. MAIL MANager is designed to function in both single and multiple AS/400 environments. From your user's viewpoint, sending mail to users on a remote AS/400 is no different than sending mail to users on your local AS/400.

MAIL MANager's operation is straightforward and supported by full cursor-sensitive, on-line help text. When the help text is needed, it is presented via pop-up, movable windows so that the user may view the help text and the screen at the same time.

MAIL MANager's features are so numerous that we couldn't possibly list them all. A partial list of MAIL MANager's features includes...

  • A simple, easy-to-use text editor that has a built-in spelling assistant and spellchecker. Our spelling dictionary contains over 112,000 words and abbreviations.
  • Mail threading, allowing users to view or print all mail within a specific thread.
  • Confidential mail.
  • Blind copies.
  • Urgent mail.
  • Acknowledgment messages.
  • Forward/delete/reply to mail while viewing.
  • Automatic forwarding of mail.
  • Mail folders with automatic purging.
  • PUBLIC and PRIVATE distribution lists.
  • Three types of users.
  • Distributed user maintenance.
  • Extensive networking capabilities.
  • And many, many, many more!

MAIL MANager's networking capabilities may be one of its most useful features. MAIL MANager will utilize any APPC or APPN network configuration in place. MAIL MANager uses proprietary APPC programs to exchange information with remote locations.

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