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SOQ Archival Menu



 SOQMENUA                      SOQ ARCHIVAL MENU                     Release 8.50
  Save / Restore                                                               
  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                           09. Duplicate Spool Files           
    01. Save Spool Files                   10. Duplicate Selected Spool Files  
    02. Save Selected Spool Files          11. Move Spool Files                
    03. Restore Spool Files                12. Move Selected Spool Files       
    04. Restore Selected Spool Files       13. Initialize Save/Restore Media   
                                           14. Place Save File On Tape Or Dkt  
  Operations Assistance                    15. Work With On-line History       
    05. Convert Spool Files                60. SOQ COLD Storage Menu           
    06. Convert Selected Spool Files       70. SOQ Microfiche Menu             
    07. Delete Spool Files                 80. SOQ System Maintenance Menu     
    08. Delete Selected Spool Files        90. Sign Off                        
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 Selection or command                                                          
F3=Exit   F4=Prompt   F9=Retrieve   F12=Cancel                                 
F13=Information Assistant  F16=AS/400 main menu                                

The SOQ Archival Menu can be used to archive and restore spool files.  Other functions of SOQ (converting spool files, deleting spool files, duplicating spool files, and moving spool files) can also be performed from this menu.

The SOQ Archival Menu provides access to archive records in the SOQ On-line History file as well as access to the other three SOQ menus.

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