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Save Output Queue (SOQ)

A Complete Spool File Management System

Fast Facts

Latest Release:  8.80

Last Update:      Dec. 2002

Price:                   $695.00

Source Code:     Available


During the past 15 years, SOQ has been installed and utilized by over 2,500 companies.  With that kind of experience there can be no doubt; SOQ is the spool file management system for you.


  • Archive spool files to tape, diskette, optical media, or save file.
  • Restore spool files from tape, diskette, optical media, or save file.
  • Prepare spool files for microfiche and/or CD-ROM (creates tape or diskette).
  • Convert spool files to data files (ASCII and/or EBCDIC).
  • Duplicate spool files.
  • Delete spool files.
  • Move spool files.

SOQ functions are enhanced by the ability to:

  • Group spool files by output queue name, job name, user name, job number, spool file name, user data, spool file status, forms type, printer file, data range and age range or any combination of these.
  • Review and select specific spool files from a group before a function begins.
  • Restore and duplicate spool file to an output queue other than their original output queue.


  • Use of IBM-provided API's for reading output queues and retrieving spool file attributes.
  • Detailed reporting by each SOQ function. Reports list all spool files affected while using SOQ.
  • User-specified defaults allowing you to control various aspects of SOQ.
  • On-line, cursor-sensitive help text.
  • Now archives, retrieves and duplicates spool files containing graphics and/or barcodes!
  • And many other features, too numerous to list.

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