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Schedule Master

An Operations Automation System

Fast Facts

Latest Release:  2.20

Last Update:      Sept 1999

Price:                   $499.00

Source Code:     Available


Schedule Master is a feature-rich, industrial-strength, easy-to-use job scheduler that allows you to automate repetitive jobs currently being performed by you or your operator.

Schedule Master features include:

  • Allows various methods of scheduling jobs, including day of week and day of month.
  • Allows a job to reschedule itself before completion. (Recursive scheduling)
  • Allows a normal, early, late, or non execution of a job when its schedule criteria is met on a holiday or non work day.
  • Allows a job schedule to be overridden causing immediate or non execution of the job.
  • Allows you to track the activity of a job by having it report to you. ( Job status notification)
  • Allows the execution of up to 12 jobs based on the completion status of a single job. (Job triggering)
  • Allows you to define your own work week and holidays.
  • On-line, cursor-sensitive, help text presented via pop-up windows.
  • Allows job prompting, providing you with a way to decline execution or require a password for a job scheduled to execute.
  • Uses IBM's command editor to validate commands before execution.
  • Source code is included.
  • Eleven different reports to help you analyze your schedule and job definition information.
  • Automatically purges schedule file history based on user's response to days of history to retain.
  • Executes within its own subsystem and requires minimal system resources.
  • Automatically extends schedule file based on the user's response to the number of days to schedule ahead.
  • User-defined job definitions, giving you total control of how Schedule Master submits each of your jobs to be run.

Schedule Master works around the clock so you don't have to!

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