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The Spelling Assistant

A Dictionary Look-up Utility

Fast Facts

Latest Release:  3.00

Last Update:      1996

Price:                   $299.00

Source Code:     Available


The Spelling Assistant allows AS/400 users to quickly find the correct spelling for over 112,000 words and abbreviations.

The Spelling Assistant presents the correctly spelled words and abbreviations in a "pop-up" window that may be accessed from within any of your existing applications. When used as the attention key processing program, The Spelling Assistant is accessible to users without requiring any programming changes.

The Spelling Assistant's many features include the following:

  • A spelling dictionary consisting of over 112,000 correctly spelled words and abbreviations.
  • Powerful dictionary look-up capabilities. Users may enter a complete or partial spelling of a word to "position" the dictionary. Once the dictionary is "positioned," users may use the roll keys to find the exact word that is being searched for.
  • The ability to maintain The Spelling Assistant dictionary by adding new words and removing existing words.
  • The ability to access The Spelling Assistant's dictionary in a "pop-up" window or full screen mode.
  • The ability to move The Spelling Assistant's "pop-up" window to any position on the screen. This allows you to uncover words that may have been overlaid by The Spelling Assistant's "pop-up" window.
  • Enormous user productivity gains. User productivity is increased by not requiring a user to leave his/her workstation to manually look up a word in the dictionary. With The Spelling Assistant , an on-line spelling dictionary is always as close as the keyboard.

The Spelling Assistant is a utility that no AS/400 shop can afford to be without.

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