W-2 Magnetic Media Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of media are acceptable to the Social Security Administration?

The SSA accepts PC diskettes, " reel tape, 3480/3490 tape cartridges (AS/400 only), and electronic filing. System/36 tape cartridges, 5" diskettes, and 8" diskettes are not acceptable. However, you may transfer a diskette file to a 3" PC disk.

How do I convert a diskette file to PC disk?

Simply take menu option 5 to build a PC/OWRS file. Run option 6 to transfer the file to your PC. This step requires the installation of the PC components that were included on your installation media. It was designed to function with, and requires the installation of Client Access on the PC running this step. If you have Client Access installed on your PC, yet are running a different form of emulation, this option may not function properly. We have also included a Client Access transfer request with our PC Components. This file is named W2REPORT.TTO and is located in the MMW2 directory on your PC. If you experience difficulties in running this menu option, you may use open the `transfer request' file and manually run the transfer from within Client Access.

Why are some of my employees not printing on the listing or forms?

Employees with zero in all amount fields will not print.

I've imported my employee file, but I made an error while entering the field positions of my data file. How do I start over?

After importing, if you discover errors in the field positions that you input to the import program generator, you may wish to reset the file using menu option #11, recreate the import program, and run the import again.

Why are some amounts and codes not printed in Box 13 on my W-2 forms?

Due to printing constraints, a maximum of 3 amounts and codes can be printed in Box 13. If you require more than 3 codes for a single employee, you may split this W-2 into 2 employee records.

Can I print on laser forms?

We have added an option to print on preprinted W-2 laser tax forms and on blank perforated tax forms. Our tests were performed using HP and NEC laser printers connected with Client Access and TCP/IP.

To print W-2 forms on blank perforated tax forms, you must have a printer configured to print overlays. There are two ways to configure a printer to print overlays.  You must either have an IPDS printer configured as AFP ``YES" or a PCL-compatible laser printer configured for Host Printer Transform (HPT). Just check the device description and, if need be, change the TRANSFORM parameter to *YES. you should also make sure you have the latest PTFs installed on your system, especially any AFP-related PTFs.

Due to the numerous connectivity options, we suggest that you test your laser printer prior to making your decision to use this option.

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