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Frequently asked questions regarding our 30-Day FREE trial policy and procedures.


What is included in a 30-Day FREE Trial?

All 30-Day Free Trials include the following:

  • A fully functional copy of the requested software. (No stripped-down demos)
  • Full documentation including complete and easy to follow installation instructions.
  • An invoice for the software. (Should you decide to purchase the software)
  • A program license agreement. (Not included with all software)
  • Sales and support contact information.

How will my 30-Day FREE Trial be shipped?

All 30-Day Free Trials are shipped as follows:

  • Within the USA - 1st Class or 2 Day Priority Mail. Charge: $10.00
  • Outside the USA - Air Mail. Charge: $20.00

Can I get my 30-Day FREE Trial overnight?

Yes, we will ship 30-Day Free Trials overnight via the courier of your choice (i.e. Fedx, Airborn, etc.). However, you must provide your account number so that the courier may bill you direct.

How do I purchase software during or after a 30-Day FREE Trial?

Should you decide to purchase the software during or following the 30-Day Free Trial, simply process the invoice that was packaged with the software. If a program license agreement was included with the software, you should sign the agreement and return it to Generic Software, Inc. so that a permanent security code may be issued.

What if I decide to not purchase at the end of a 30-Day FREE Trial?

If, for whatever reason, you decide not to purchase the software, simply write "cancel" on the invoice provided and fax it to us at (601) 853-1152.  Upon receipt of the invoice marked "cancel", the 30-Day Free Trial will be closed and no further action is required on your part.

Again, if you decide not to purchase the software, you must let us know by writting "cancel" on the invoice provided and faxing the invoice to us at (601) 853-1152.  This is our only way of knowing that you are no longer considering purchasing the software.

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